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Welcome to Little Paws Ltd

The Little Paws Company manufacture and supply the best dog coats, dog beds and dog accessories available and we can custom make coats and beds to suit your dogs requirements.

Beta Bed ( and Pippa)

Bean Bag Bed with our own Madam Moo(Angel)

Your pampered pet needs a comfortable place to sleep. Our pet bed range is great for any  pets especially those with allergies to environmental allergens particularly dust mites.

We have Bean Bags, Snugglers, Rugs ,Bed mats and Circular Beds - we make all the bed  range ourselves and all are made to strict standard plus  all are hot  machine washable -  even the Bean Bag Bed. 



We also have everything you need for your dog including a great range of Dog Toys. Everything that squeaks, rattles, crunches or squawks.Check out our range of toys – everything Toys, Toys, Toys!from soft ‘Plush Toys’  to the more ruggered  ‘Fire Hose’ Toy or if you really want to impress your little mate give him / her a ‘Squawkies Talkies Chicken’ toy -  Dogs love it! Or for some armchair fun, try out the ‘Tail Teaser’ dog toy for some ideal indoor entertainment . Perhaps your little mate is the more intellectual type that would get a lot of fun out of the ‘Paw Flapper’ dog game – just fill the ‘secret compartments’ with treats and let your dog hunt then out !



Dog Life Jackets



 If you are out on the water this summer don’t forget the number one water safety rule – Wear a life jacket.You take the precaution of wearing one, now your mate can wear one too.Our imported range of  ‘Outward Hound’ Dog Life Jackets are ideal and is one of the best quality and value for money brands you can buy. The ‘Outward Hound’ life jackets were voted by Boat U.S magazine as the best in its class. Safe, comfortable and easy to put on these life jackets are ideal. They also have a rescue handle on the back making it easy to retrieve your dog from the water.

     Great selection of Dog Coats

Our dog coats are just the thing to keep your dog warm and comfortable and all of our coats can

be custom made to suite the size / shape of your little pal. 

We manufacture not only coats that will keep him/her warm but also rain coats and high visibility dog coats.Hi Viz Dog Coat

all of our dog coats are made to a very high standard and quality so you can sure that you and your pal will be happy.

Or 3 in 1 dog coat is a  dog coat thats not only a warm coat but also a dog rain coat and a dog high visability coat all in one!

The dog coats have an inner lining of Polar Fleece and the outer is either Cotton or Polar Fleece, depending on the coat style.

All coats are fully machine washable and guaranteed to last.



                         The Paw-Ta Pouch    

   Dog Car Booster Seat


Whether both of you are planning on window shopping down Main Street or jetting off to Paris together, we have our own trade marked "Paw-Ta Pouch"  pet carrier or if you are planning a road trip then browse our luxury Outward Hound Pet Car Seats that will provide your little one a safe but comfortable place to sleep or the ability to look out the window, especially during any long ride.

          Keep your dog safe and comfortable when out traveling 



 Unfortunately, when it comes to eating, our dogs can go too fast for their own good. But, as dog owners, there’s something we can do about it. As much as we love for The Slow Feeder Bowlour dogs to go fast, there are plenty of good reasons to help make their meals last.

We now stock the  Slo-Bowl™ . These Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are a great solution for dogs that consume their food too quickly. With their nature-inspired designs, our bowls help to slow down chow times while helping canines eat naturally. Each Slow Feeder Bowl is made with high-quality, food safe materials, and holds up to two cups of dry dog food.

They also feature non-slip rubber molding to prevent food spillage and sliding.



 Little Paws Ltd stock  a wide range of products and we are only too happy to customize some items to your personal specifications, for example, we realise that no two pets are the same size when it comes to coat or bed sizes. We also offer a personal embroidery service for coats and bandanas - and we can personalize the coat or bandana with your pets name.

 Little Paws Internet Shop aim is to provide you with the most efficient and enjoyable online shopping experience. We process orders daily and in most cases, orders are dispatched same day!

We offer three methods of payment -  Paypal®, cheque / money order and bank transfer/deposit. The name that will appear on your  bank statement will show as Little Paws Limited. All products are available for purchase online and via our Showroom at 44 Belmont Ave, Rangiora New Zealand.


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