Per tablet

Take the hassle out of worming your dogs by choosing Milpro, a palatable easy to administer flavoured tablet.  Feed it as a 'treat' to your dog and most won't even realise what it was. Easy and hassle free!

Regular routine deworming of your dog and cat is very important for their health.

Milpro provides Peace of Mind

  • Combination of Milbemycin and Praziquantel to ensure protection against all gastrointestinal parasites of importance in dogs and cats in New Zealand
  • Powerful mode of action
  • Can be used in puppies from two weeks of age and kittens from six weeks of age
  • Very tasty and very small for easy administration
  • Blistered to ensure quality

Milpro® for Small Dogs & Puppies

DO NOT USE in puppies under 2 weeks of age OR under 500 g

Weight Dose
500 g - 1 kg 1/2 tablet
1.1 kg - 5 kg 1 tablet
5.1 kg - 10 kg 2 tablets

Milpro® for Dogs

Weight Dose
5 kg - 25 kg 1 tablet
25.1 kg - 50 kg 2 tablets
50.1 kg - 75 kg 3 tablets